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Physical Therapy Dynamics
Orthopedic and Aquatic Center


At Physical Therapy Dynamics we use evidence-based treatment to help each patient achieve their individual 
rehabilitation goal.


Since 2007 we have served patients at different stages of life with a variety of needs, including orthopedic, fitness, infertility and neurological conditions. 

Whether your personal goal is to avoid surgery, recover from surgery
or improve your overall health...

At Physical Therapy Dynamics,
you're in good hands.

Proudly serving patients in Tarrant County, Johnson County and the DFW Metroplex



Quality, evidence-based physical therapy care offered by therapists with more than 10 years experience in outpatient physical therapy care


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Our aquatic therapy pool equipped with an underwater treadmill will assist in building strength and stamina for those in need of reduced joint and spine compression


Are you ready to hit the gym but not quite sure where to start or are you nervous you may reinjure yourself? We can help


Physical Therapy Dynamics has partnered with Crowley Therapeutic Massage to provide a premier healthcare facility to address your physical health and wellness needs

We know healthcare is expensive to pay privately so we do our best to contract with all major insurance companies. We bill outpatient rates so our cost are sometimes lower than other clinics in our area. We are happy to verify your benefits should you want to know what your costs will be. We also accept private pay, payment plans, worker's compensation, car insurance and LOP payment methods.

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